A Long-Term Approach

Our goal is to maximize the long-term value of your institution and promote your core values. We achieve this through careful stewardship of your investment portfolio and a deep relationship with staff and board members to assist and educate them in areas of need. In the case of endowments, we recognize the tradeoff between current and future spending is critical.  Our objective is to assist the institution in developing a spending rule which will prevent the principal of the institution from eroding in purchasing power over time and which will minimize large shortfalls in operating support.  We believe we must learn about your mission and values in order to tailor an investment and service solution which best meets the needs of your organization.  

Drexel Morgan has been active in socially responsible investments since 2006. 

Truly Independent

As a privately held investment adviser, we are independent and able to provide access to our best ideas. As a manager of managers (MoM), we craft diversified portfolios from an array of active and passive investments across a range of strategies and investment vehicles. Our legacy of advising clients on preserving capital and generating long-term growth centers on judicious asset allocation and effective portfolio implementation.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Drexel Morgan has been active in socially responsible investments since 2006. We understand institutions want to express their core values through their investments as well as their philanthropic endeavors; however, implementation can be challenging. First, we provide education and transparency into the ESG landscape and options for investment. Second, we generate a roadmap by incorporating your goals, values and constraints. Typically, a step-wise process is created which incorporates our network of investment managers who can deliver customized socially responsible investment solutions for your institution. We believe ESG investing is a timely and relevant option for institutions, which can be implemented without damaging risk-adjusted returns.

Our service offering:

  • Portfolio construction and management
    • IPS creation and annual review
    • Custom asset allocation
    • Investment selection and research
    • Risk management
    • Active monitoring
  • Cash flow and liability modeling 
  • ESG implementation and education
  • Consolidated performance reporting