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Our Objective-Based Approach

We put our clients first, taking the time to thoroughly understand their current and future investment goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, and income needs.

Objective-based investing — similar in approach to the liability-driven investment strategy for pension funds — focuses on a client’s risk capacity and the funding of a client’s goals. If a client decides to split and prioritize their total wealth among different investment goals, we construct several subportfolios (“buckets” or “layers”), each of which is optimized to specific client objectives. This is in direct contrast to the overall risk/return target typical of the single portfolio of traditional finance. Once the investment strategy for a specific goal is established, capital is allocated to suitable asset classes and selected managers in an effort to achieve a defined objective, such as liquidity, real income and growth.

We continuously monitor each subportfolio to assess whether performance behavior is consistent with the stated aim.  We meet with clients quarterly, or as requested, to review how well each subportfolio’s investment strategy is tracking toward its related goal, the feasibility of that goal, and whether, based on changing market conditions, adjustments should be made in the goals themselves or in the allocation of capital across them.