Manager Selection

Manager Selection

We favor independent managers with a compelling investment philosophy, innovative thinking, and deep knowledge of fundamentals.

Outstanding managers consistently execute on a focused strategy.

We select managers with a single core competency, a clear competitive advantage, and demonstrated investment skill. Guided by our portfolio strategy and informed by our global perspective, we identify managers with a consistent investment style. Our investment team generates manager research ideas, leveraging our depth of experience and industry contacts, as well as publicly available databases of manager information, in both traditional and alternative asset categories.

  • Managers have differing styles and risk levels. Some invest in a limited number of holdings while others have broader holdings. These managers follow a disciplined process for achieving their objectives and are willing to take well-considered risks to generate excess returns within their area of expertise. We look for managers that we expect will provide sustained additional return — or “alpha” — above the performance of their normal investment style and without overlapping drivers of return. This difficult task is in part accomplished by avoiding managers that persistently underperform or exhibit positive alphas by luck alone.

  • Our cohesive team and well-honed process enable us to narrow down the list of potential managers quickly and efficiently. Our comprehensive due diligence process is demonstrated by our long-standing relationships with managers — several of which have been included in client portfolios for ten or more years.