About Us

About Drexel Morgan Capital Advisers

Founded in 1980 by James L. McCabe, Ph.D., we have earned a reputation for serving clients with integrity, intelligence, and independence.

Jim actively leads the firm, steers the investment committee, and ensures that the investment team is consistent in philosophy and process and attentive to portfolio details. As an independent boutique, we take a hands-on approach and act decisively in making consistent recommendations. Our expertise extends beyond traditional asset classes to include alternative investments, international developed and emerging markets, and socially responsible investing, which enables us to provide truly comprehensive, customized solutions. Our clients have direct access to our professionals, who serve to complement investment staff or family offices and deliver transparent personal service. In 2010, Drexel Morgan Capital Advisers (previously McCabe Capital Managers) joined Drexel Morgan & Co. as an independent subsidiary.

Estimated as of December 31, 2019, we advise or consult on approximately $5.4 billion in assets. Approximately $1.3 billion involves assets under management for accounts receiving continuous and regular supervisory or management services, and approximately $1.5 billion involves consulting assets where we provide continuous and regular supervision for assets under management with other investment advisers. The remainder, approximately $2.6 billion, involves consulting assets overseen on a periodic or event-driven basis determined by clients' requirements.