We counsel families and institutions through the modern financial landscape, striving to maximize growth and minimize risk when managing your wealth for you and your future generations – all with the steady hand and proven stability that you can get with 40 years of industry experience.

Our Approach
Families & Individuals

A Legacy that Lasts Generations

Our founder and president, Jim McCabe, started the firm to invest for his family, so this is our heritage. Known for integrity, intelligence, and independence, we invest our clients’ money as we do our own — prudently, and for the long-term. We have been delivering customized wealth management solutions for 40 years. Using our experience in navigating the complexities of wealth, we offer investment strategies to suit each client’s particular goals. We have maintained this investment philosophy and singular focus on clients through decades of growth.

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Endowments & Foundations

Advance Your Organization’s Mission

Our goal is to maximize the long-term value of your institution and promote your core values. We achieve this through careful stewardship of your investment portfolio and a deep relationship with staff and board members to assist and educate them in areas of need. In the case of endowments, we recognize the tradeoff between current and future spending is critical. Our objective is to assist the institution in developing a spending rule which will prevent the principal of the institution from eroding in purchasing power over time and which will minimize large shortfalls in operating support.

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Professional Partners

A Collaborative Approach

Our 360-degree approach to wealth management requires collaboration with our clients’ trusted advisors. As wealth manager, we are not actively engaged in tax planning, trust and estate structuring, insurance planning, or real estate advisory. However, we know how crucial these services can be to a comprehensive and holistic wealth plan. Therefore, we regularly engage with our clients and their advisors in order to create the optimal plan to achieve their wealth management goals.

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